Lyra V2 is a self-custodial, high performance crypto trading platform for options, perpetuals and spot trading.

The trading platform is made up of three components:

  1. Lyra Chain: A settlement layer for transactions. This is an Optimistic rollup built on the OP Stack, secured by Ethereum mainnet. Governed by the Lyra DAO.
  2. Lyra Protocol: A settlement protocol that enables permissionless, self-custodial margin trading of perpetuals, options and spot, deployed to the Lyra Chain. Governed by the Lyra DAO.
  3. Lyra Exchange: An orderbook that efficiently matches orders and settles them to the Lyra Protocol. Operated by Lyra Trading Co.

The following docs describe Lyra V2 technical concepts relating to the Protocol and Exchange. For a deep dive into the Lyra Chain, consult the OP Stack Docs. For a deep dive into the Lyra DAO and Lyra's governance framework, consult the Governance Docs. Note that Lyra V2 operates independently of the Lyra V1 AMM.


The Lyra Exchange uses a centralized limit order book, but remains self-custodial, and settles trades and liquidations in a trustless manner.


Visit Documentation for Onboarding Guides and a deep dive into the Lyra Protocol's standard margin and portfolio margin rules, as well as an overview of supported products, liquidations and oracles:

Lyra API

The Lyra API provides access to the Lyra Exchange orderbook which matches orders and settles trades. Lyra provides two interfaces to access the API:



The API v2.0-alpha is available in our testing environment which settles to Lyra Chain / Protocol testnet. All examples in this documentation refer to the test environment.