Cancel Quote

Method Name


Cancels an open quote.


quote_id string required
Quote ID to cancel
subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID


id string or integer required
result object required
result.cancel_reason string required
Cancel reason, if any
enum user_request insufficient_margin signed_max_fee_too_low cancel_on_disconnect session_key_deregistered subaccount_withdrawn rfq_no_longer_open compliance
result.creation_timestamp integer required
Creation timestamp in ms since Unix epoch
result.direction string required
Quote direction
enum buy sell
result.fee string required
Fee paid for this quote (if executed)
result.label string required
User-defined label, if any
result.last_update_timestamp integer required
Last update timestamp in ms since Unix epoch
result.legs_hash string required
Hash of the legs of the best quote to be signed by the taker.
result.liquidity_role string required
Liquidity role
enum maker taker
result.max_fee string required
Signed max fee
result.nonce integer required
result.quote_id string required
Quote ID
result.rfq_id string required
result.signature string required
Etherium signature of the quote
result.signature_expiry_sec integer required
Unix timestamp in seconds
result.signer string required
Owner wallet address or registered session key that signed the quote
result.status string required
enum open filled cancelled expired
result.subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID
result.tx_hash string or null required
Blockchain transaction hash (only for executed quotes)
result.tx_status string or null required
Blockchain transaction status (only for executed quotes)
enum requested pending settled reverted ignored
result.legs array of objects required
Quote legs
result.legs[].amount string required
Amount in units of the base
result.legs[].direction string required
Leg direction
enum buy sell
result.legs[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name
result.legs[].price string required
Leg price



The above command returns JSON structured like this: