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Get Etherfi Effective Balances

Get all effective weETH balances for a specific block number for a given number of addresses.

Here is the flow of weETH:
1. Users deposit weETH into one of several bridges (ARB, ETH)
2. This weETH is minted to a single contract on the Lyra chain
3. A socket bridge hook deposits this weETH into a Lyra Vault which mints shares
4. Those shares are bridged back to the source chain in the form of weETH-C

To calculate the effective weETH balances that users have in our vaults, we need to:
1. total_deposits: the total amount of weETH deposited by users across all chains
2. user_shares: count how many weETH-C shares are held across chains
3. Filter out users that have not registered with the orderbook
4. effective_balance: user_shares / total_shares * total_deposits

If no addresses are provided, returns all effective balances for all addresses.
NOTE: only users who have registered via lyra.finance are elligible to be tracked.
NOTE: This route cannot be tested locally

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