Session Keys

A session key is simply an Ethereum wallet. Account owners can give other Ethereum wallets temporary access to their accounts via session keys. Any Ethereum wallet can be registered as a session key.


For large accounts, session keys are a useful way to give other users temporary access to:

  1. Sign private/ requests (not to always pass in the actual owner of the account in to X-LYRA-WALLET and not the session key).
  2. Due to the self-custodial nature of the API, the orderbook cannot force withdrawals, transfers or orders without an explicit user signature. Session Keys (and the account owner) can sign payloads for these sensitive requests (e.g. orders, withdrawals, deposits).
  3. Session Keys can only deposit and withdraw funds to the original account owner
  4. Session keys cannot be used to bridge funds
  5. When using the UX to on-board (see "UX Guides"), session keys are the only way to programmatically trade / manage your account.

For guides on managing session keys, refer to Onboard via Interface and Onboard Manually guides.