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Get Etherfi Effective Balances

Method Name


Get all effective weETH balances for a specific block number for a given number of addresses.

Here is the flow of weETH:
1. Users deposit weETH into one of several bridges (ARB, ETH)
2. This weETH is minted to a single contract on the Lyra chain
3. A socket bridge hook deposits this weETH into a Lyra Vault which mints shares
4. Those shares are bridged back to the source chain in the form of weETH-C

To calculate the effective weETH balances that users have in our vaults, we need to:
1. total_deposits: the total amount of weETH deposited by users across all chains
2. user_shares: count how many weETH-C shares are held across chains
3. Filter out users that have not registered with the orderbook
4. effective_balance: user_shares / total_shares * total_deposits

If no addresses are provided, returns all effective balances for all addresses.
NOTE: only users who have registered via lyra.finance are elligible to be tracked.
NOTE: This route cannot be tested locally


mainnet_blocknumber integer required
The mainnet blocknumber to get the effective balances for. Effective balances on both mainnet and arbitrum will be returned.
wallets array of strings
These are EOA accounts that deposited EtherFi restaked ETH


id string or integer required
result object required
result.blocknumbers object required
The block number used for each chain
result.effective_balances object required
The effective balance for each wallet address
result.total_deposits object required
The total deposits for each chain



The above command returns JSON structured like this: