Margin Watch

Channel Name Schema

Subscribe to state of margin and MtM of all users.

Channel Parameters

Notification Data

channel string required
Subscribed channel name
data array of objects required
data[].currency string required
Currency of subaccount
data[].maintenance_margin string required
Total maintenance margin requirement of all positions and collaterals.If this value falls below zero, the subaccount will be flagged for liquidation.
data[].margin_type string required
Margin type of subaccount (PM (Portfolio Margin) or SM (Standard Margin))
enum PM SM
data[].subaccount_id integer required
data[].subaccount_value string required
Total mark-to-market value of all positions and collaterals
data[].valuation_timestamp integer required
Timestamp (in seconds since epoch) of when margin and MtM were computed.


Subscriptions are only available via websockets.


Notification messages on this channel will look like this: