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Estimate Integrator Points

Method Name


Get all estimated points for EigenLayer, Swell, and EtherFi integrators.


integrator string required
Integrator token to estimate points for.
enum swell etherfi
wallet string required
Account wallet address of the user (not smart contract owner).


id string or integer required
result object required
result.eigenlayer_points string required
Estimated amount of EigenLayer points earned.
result.percent_share_of_points string required
Percentage of total points earned by user for integrator.
result.points string required
Estimated amount of integrator points earned.
result.total_eigenlayer_points string required
Total EigenLayer points for all users.
result.total_points string required
Total points for all users.
result.total_balance_hours_by_bridge object required
Total balance hours by bridge.



The above command returns JSON structured like this: