Get Funding Rate History

Method Name


Get funding rate history. Start timestamp is restricted to at most 30 days ago. Zero start timestamp is
allowed and will default to 30 days ago.

DB: read replica


instrument_name string required
Instrument name to return funding history for
end_timestamp integer
End timestamp of the event history (default current time)
period string
Period of the funding rate
enum 900 3600 14400 28800 86400
start_timestamp integer
Start timestamp of the event history (default 0)


id string or integer required
result object required
result.funding_rate_history array of objects required
List of funding rates
result.funding_rate_history[].funding_rate string required
Hourly funding rate value at the event time
result.funding_rate_history[].timestamp integer required
Timestamp of the funding rate update (in ms since UNIX epoch)



The above command returns JSON structured like this: