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Get Spot Feed History Candles

Method Name


Get spot feed history candles by currency

DB: read replica


currency string required
end_timestamp integer required
End timestamp
period string required
enum 900 3600 14400 28800 86400 604800
start_timestamp integer required
Start timestamp


id string or integer required
result object required
result.currency string required
result.spot_feed_history array of objects required
Spot feed history candles
result.spot_feed_history[].close_price string required
Close price
result.spot_feed_history[].high_price string required
High price
result.spot_feed_history[].low_price string required
Low price
result.spot_feed_history[].open_price string required
Open price
result.spot_feed_history[].price string required
Spot price
result.spot_feed_history[].timestamp integer required
Timestamp of when the spot price was recored into the database
result.spot_feed_history[].timestamp_bucket integer required
Timestamp bucket; this value is regularly spaced out with period seconds between data points, missing values are forward-filled from earlier data where possible, if no earlier data is available, values are back-filled from the first observed data point



The above command returns JSON structured like this: