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Create Subaccount Debug

Method Name


Used for debugging only, do not use in production. Will return the incremental encoded and hashed data.

See guides in Documentation for more.


amount string required
Amount of the asset to deposit
asset_name string required
Name of asset to deposit
margin_type string required
PM (Portfolio Margin) or SM (Standard Margin)
enum PM SM
nonce integer required
Unique nonce defined as (e.g. 1695836058725001, where 001 is the random number)
signature_expiry_sec integer required
Unix timestamp in seconds. Expiry MUST be >5min from now
signer string required
Ethereum wallet address that is signing the deposit
wallet string required
Ethereum wallet address
currency string
Base currency of the subaccount (only for PM)


id string or integer required
result object required
result.action_hash string required
Keccak hashed action data
result.encoded_data string required
ABI encoded deposit data
result.encoded_data_hashed string required
Keccak hashed encoded_data
result.typed_data_hash string required
EIP 712 typed data hash



The above command returns JSON structured like this: