Get Collaterals

Method Name


Get collaterals of a subaccount


subaccount_id integer required


id string or integer required
result object required
result.subaccount_id integer required
result.collaterals array of objects required
All collaterals that count towards margin of subaccount
result.collaterals[].amount string required
Asset amount of given collateral
result.collaterals[].asset_name string required
Asset name
result.collaterals[].asset_type string required
Type of asset collateral (currently always erc20)
enum erc20 option perp
result.collaterals[].cumulative_interest string required
Cumulative interest earned on supplying collateral or paid for borrowing
result.collaterals[].currency string required
Underlying currency of asset (ETH, BTC, etc)
result.collaterals[].initial_margin string required
USD value of collateral that contributes to initial margin
result.collaterals[].maintenance_margin string required
USD value of collateral that contributes to maintenance margin
result.collaterals[].mark_price string required
Current mark price of the asset
result.collaterals[].mark_value string required
USD value of the collateral (amount * mark price)
result.collaterals[].pending_interest string required
Portion of interest that has not yet been settled on-chain. This number is added to the portfolio value for margin calculations purposes.



The above command returns JSON structured like this: