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Get Open Orders

Method Name


Get all open orders of a subacccount


subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount_id for which to get open orders


id string or integer required
result object required
result.subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount_id for which to get open orders
result.orders array of objects required
List of open orders
result.orders[].amount string required
Order amount in units of the base
result.orders[].average_price string required
Average fill price
result.orders[].cancel_reason string required
If cancelled, reason behind order cancellation
enum user_request mmp_trigger insufficient_margin signed_max_fee_too_low cancel_on_disconnect ioc_or_market_partial_fill session_key_deregistered subaccount_withdrawn compliance trigger_failed
result.orders[].creation_timestamp integer required
Creation timestamp (in ms since Unix epoch)
result.orders[].direction string required
Order direction
enum buy sell
result.orders[].filled_amount string required
Total filled amount for the order
result.orders[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name
result.orders[].is_transfer boolean required
Whether the order was generated through private/transfer_position
result.orders[].label string required
Optional user-defined label for the order
result.orders[].last_update_timestamp integer required
Last update timestamp (in ms since Unix epoch)
result.orders[].limit_price string required
Limit price in quote currency
result.orders[].max_fee string required
Max fee in units of the quote currency
result.orders[].mmp boolean required
Whether the order is tagged for market maker protections
result.orders[].nonce integer required
Unique nonce defined as (e.g. 1695836058725001, where 001 is the random number)
result.orders[].order_fee string required
Total order fee paid so far
result.orders[].order_id string required
Order ID
result.orders[].order_status string required
Order status
enum open filled cancelled expired untriggered
result.orders[].order_type string required
Order type
enum limit market
result.orders[].quote_id string or null required
Quote ID if the trade was executed via RFQ
result.orders[].signature string required
Ethereum signature of the order
result.orders[].signature_expiry_sec integer required
Signature expiry timestamp
result.orders[].signer string required
Owner wallet address or registered session key that signed order
result.orders[].subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID
result.orders[].time_in_force string required
Time in force
enum gtc post_only fok ioc
result.orders[].replaced_order_id string or null
If replaced, ID of the order that was replaced
result.orders[].trigger_price string or null
(Required for trigger orders) Index or Market price to trigger order at
result.orders[].trigger_price_type string or null
(Required for trigger orders) Trigger with Index or Mark Price
enum mark index
result.orders[].trigger_reject_message string or null
(Required for trigger orders) Error message if error occured during trigger
result.orders[].trigger_type string or null
(Required for trigger orders) Stop-loss or Take-profit.
enum stoploss takeprofit



The above command returns JSON structured like this: