Get Points Leaderboard

Method Name


Get top 250 users based on points earned. Can paginate where each page contains exactly 250 users.


page integer required
Page number of leaderboard. Each page holds up to 500 users and starts at 1.
program string required
Program for which to count leaderboard


id string or integer required
result object required
result.pages integer required
Total number of pages in the leaderboard
result.total_users integer required
Total number of users in the program
result.leaderboard array of objects required
List of up to 500 users in order of highest points
result.leaderboard[].flag string required
Flag user for special treatment
result.leaderboard[].parent string required
Wallet address of referrer
result.leaderboard[].percent_share_of_points string required
Percentage of total points earned by user
result.leaderboard[].points string required
Total points for the user
result.leaderboard[].rank integer required
Leaderboard rank of the user
result.leaderboard[].total_volume string required
Total volume traded by the user in program
result.leaderboard[].wallet string required
Wallet address of the user



The above command returns JSON structured like this: