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Interface vs Manual

The Lyra API can handle both on-chain and pure orderbook requests.

This means that users can onboard onto the API via:


  • Onboard with no code or API requests (see Onboard via Interface)
  • Continue to interact with the exchange and protocol via Interface or Session Keys
  • A smart-contract wallet is created as the proxy owner of the account which the original ETH wallet controls
  • Creating account, depositing, withdrawals and session key creation all possible via UX
  • Gives ability to monitor open trades / orders / history and even execute trades via UX + API
  • For mainnet: www.lyra.finance
  • For testnet: testnet.lyra.finance


  • Onboard completely through a combination of calls to on-chain contracts and requests to the API (see Onboard Manually)
  • Removes ability to interact with account via Interface.
  • Removes the "smart-contract" wallet layer

Refer to either option in Onboard via Interface or Onboard Manually sections.