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(Subaccount Id) Balances

Channel Name Schema


Subscribe to changes in user's positions for a given subaccount ID.

For perpetuals, additional balance updates are emitted under the name Q-{ccy}-PERP where Q stands for "quote".
This balance is a proxy for an on-chain state of lastMarkPrice.
Because of a synchronization lag with the on-chain state, the orderbook instead keeps track of a running total cost of perpetual trades,

For example:
Q-ETH-PERP balance of $6,600 and an ETH-PERP balance of 3 means the lastMarkPrice state is estimated to be $2,200.

Channel Parameters

subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID

Notification Data

channel string required
Subscribed channel name
data array of objects required
data[].name string required
Name of colletaral asset or instrument
data[].new_balance string required
Balance after update
data[].previous_balance string required
Balance before update
data[].update_type string required
Type of transaction
enum trade asset_deposit asset_withdrawal transfer subaccount_deposit subaccount_withdrawal liquidation liquidator onchain_drift_fix perp_settlement option_settlement interest_accrual onchain_revert


Subscriptions are only available via websockets.


Notification messages on this channel will look like this: