Get Instruments

Method Name


Get all active instruments for a given currency and type


currency string required
Underlying currency of asset (ETH, BTC, etc)
expired boolean required
If True: include expired assets
instrument_type string required
erc20, option, or perp
enum erc20 option perp


id string or integer required
result array of objects required
result[].amount_step string required
Minimum valid increment of order amount
result[].base_asset_address string required
Blockchain address of the base asset
result[].base_asset_sub_id string required
Sub ID of the specific base asset as defined in Asset.sol
result[].base_currency string required
Underlying currency of base asset (ETH, BTC, etc)
result[].base_fee string required
$ base fee added to every taker order
result[].fifo_min_allocation string required
Minimum number of contracts that get filled using FIFO. Actual number of contracts that gets filled by FIFO will be the max between this value and (1 - pro_rata_fraction) x order_amount, plus any size leftovers due to rounding.
result[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name
result[].instrument_type string required
erc20, option, or perp
enum erc20 option perp
result[].is_active boolean required
If True: instrument is tradeable within activation and deactivation timestamps
result[].maker_fee_rate string required
Percent of spot price fee rate for makers
result[].maximum_amount string required
Maximum valid amount of contracts / tokens per trade
result[].minimum_amount string required
Minimum valid amount of contracts / tokens per trade
result[].option_details object or null required
Details of the option asset (if applicable)
result[].option_details.expiry integer required
Unix timestamp of expiry date (in seconds)
result[].option_details.index string required
Underlying settlement price index
result[].option_details.option_type string required

enum C P
result[].option_details.strike string required
result[].option_details.settlement_price string or null
Settlement price of the option
result[].perp_details object or null required
Details of the perp asset (if applicable)
result[].perp_details.aggregate_funding string required
Latest aggregated funding as per PerpAsset.sol
result[].perp_details.funding_rate string required
Current hourly funding rate as per PerpAsset.sol
result[].perp_details.index string required
Underlying spot price index for funding rate
result[].perp_details.max_rate_per_hour string required
Max rate per hour as per PerpAsset.sol
result[].perp_details.min_rate_per_hour string required
Min rate per hour as per PerpAsset.sol
result[].perp_details.static_interest_rate string required
Static interest rate as per PerpAsset.sol
result[].pro_rata_amount_step string required
Pro-rata fill share of every order is rounded down to be a multiple of this number. Leftovers of the order due to rounding are filled FIFO.
result[].pro_rata_fraction string required
Fraction of order that gets filled using pro-rata matching. If zero, the matching is full FIFO.
result[].quote_currency string required
Quote currency (USD for perps, USDC for options)
result[].scheduled_activation integer required
Timestamp at which became or will become active (if applicable)
result[].scheduled_deactivation integer required
Scheduled deactivation time for instrument (if applicable)
result[].taker_fee_rate string required
Percent of spot price fee rate for takers
result[].tick_size string required
Tick size of the instrument, i.e. minimum price increment
result[].mark_price_fee_rate_cap string or null
Percent of option price fee cap, e.g. 12.5%, null if not applicable



The above command returns JSON structured like this: