Get Liquidation History

Method Name


TODO description


subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount id
end_timestamp integer
End timestamp of the event history (default current time)
start_timestamp integer
Start timestamp of the event history (default 0)


id string or integer required
result array of objects required
result[].auction_id string required
Unique ID of the auction
result[].auction_type string required
Type of auction
enum solvent insolvent
result[].end_timestamp integer or null required
Timestamp of the auction end (in ms since UNIX epoch), or null if not ended
result[].fee string required
Fee paid by the subaccount
result[].start_timestamp integer required
Timestamp of the auction start (in ms since UNIX epoch)
result[].tx_hash string required
Hash of the transaction that started the auction
result[].bids array of objects required
List of auction bid events
result[].bids[].cash_received string required
Cash received for auctioning off the percentage of the subaccount
result[].bids[].discount_pnl string required
Realized PnL due to being liquidated at a discount to mark portfolio value
result[].bids[].percent_liquidated string required
Percent of the subaccount that was liquidated
result[].bids[].realized_pnl string required
Realized PnL of the auction bid, assuming positions are closed at mark price at the time of the liquidation
result[].bids[].timestamp integer required
Timestamp of the bid (in ms since UNIX epoch)
result[].bids[].tx_hash string required
Hash of the bid transaction
result[].bids[].amounts_liquidated object required
Amounts of each asset that were closed
result[].bids[].positions_realized_pnl object required
Realized PnL of each position that was closed



The above command returns JSON structured like this: