Get Option Settlement History

Method Name


Get expired option settlement history for a subaccount


page integer
Page number of results to return (default 1, returns last if above num_pages)
page_size integer
Number of results per page (default 100, max 1000)
subaccount_id integer
Subaccount ID filter (defaults to all if not provided)


id string or integer required
result object required
result.pagination object required
Pagination info
result.pagination.count integer required
Total number of items, across all pages
result.pagination.num_pages integer required
Number of pages
result.settlements array of objects required
List of expired option settlements
result.settlements[].amount string required
Amount that was settled
result.settlements[].expiry integer required
Expiry timestamp of the option
result.settlements[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name
result.settlements[].option_settlement_pnl string required
USD profit or loss from option settlements calculated as: settlement value - (average price x amount)
result.settlements[].settlement_price string required
Price of option settlement
result.settlements[].subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID of the settlement event



The above command returns JSON structured like this: