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(Subaccount Id) Trades

Channel Name Schema


Subscribe to user's trades (order executions) for a given subaccount ID.

Channel Parameters

subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID

Notification Data

channel string required
Subscribed channel name
data array of objects required
data[].direction string required
Order direction
enum buy sell
data[].index_price string required
Index price of the underlying at the time of the trade
data[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name
data[].is_transfer boolean required
Whether the trade was generated through private/transfer_position
data[].label string required
Optional user-defined label for the order
data[].liquidity_role string required
Role of the user in the trade
enum maker taker
data[].mark_price string required
Mark price of the instrument at the time of the trade
data[].order_id string required
Order ID
data[].quote_id string or null required
Quote ID if the trade was executed via RFQ
data[].realized_pnl string required
Realized PnL for this trade
data[].realized_pnl_excl_fees string required
Realized PnL for this trade using cost accounting that excludes fees
data[].subaccount_id integer required
Subaccount ID
data[].timestamp integer required
Trade timestamp (in ms since Unix epoch)
data[].trade_amount string required
Amount filled in this trade
data[].trade_fee string required
Fee for this trade
data[].trade_id string required
Trade ID
data[].trade_price string required
Price at which the trade was filled
data[].transaction_id string required
The transaction id of the related settlement transaction
data[].tx_hash string or null required
Blockchain transaction hash
data[].tx_status string required
Blockchain transaction status
enum requested pending settled reverted ignored


Subscriptions are only available via websockets.


Notification messages on this channel will look like this: