Get Positions

Method Name


Get active positions of a subaccount


subaccount_id integer required


id string or integer required
result object required
result.subaccount_id integer required
result.positions array of objects required
All active positions of subaccount
result.positions[].amount string required
Position amount held by subaccount
result.positions[].average_price string required
Average price of whole position
result.positions[].cumulative_funding string required
Cumulative funding for the position (only for perpetuals).
result.positions[].delta string required
Asset delta (w.r.t. forward price for options, 1.0 for perps)
result.positions[].gamma string required
Asset gamma (zero for non-options)
result.positions[].index_price string required
Current index (oracle) price for position's currency
result.positions[].initial_margin string required
USD initial margin requirement for this position
result.positions[].instrument_name string required
Instrument name (same as the base Asset name)
result.positions[].instrument_type string required
erc20, option, or perp
enum erc20 option perp
result.positions[].leverage string or null required
Only for perps. Leverage of the position, defined as abs(notional) / collateral net of options margin
result.positions[].liquidation_price string or null required
Index price at which position will be liquidated
result.positions[].maintenance_margin string required
USD maintenance margin requirement for this position
result.positions[].mark_price string required
Current mark price for position's instrument
result.positions[].mark_value string required
USD value of the position; this represents how much USD can be recieved by fully closing the position at the current oracle price
result.positions[].net_settlements string required
Net amount of USD from position settlements that has been paid to the user's subaccount. This number is subtracted from the portfolio value for margin calculations purposes.
Positive values mean the user has recieved USD from settlements, or is awaiting settlement of USD losses. Negative values mean the user has paid USD for settlements, or is awaiting settlement of USD gains.
result.positions[].open_orders_margin string required
USD margin requirement for all open orders for this asset / instrument
result.positions[].pending_funding string required
A portion of funding payments that has not yet been settled into cash balance (only for perpetuals). This number is added to the portfolio value for margin calculations purposes.
result.positions[].realized_pnl string required
Realized trading profit or loss of the position.
result.positions[].theta string required
Asset theta (zero for non-options)
result.positions[].unrealized_pnl string required
Unrealized trading profit or loss of the position.
result.positions[].vega string required
Asset vega (zero for non-options)



The above command returns JSON structured like this: