LYRA is the native governance token of the Lyra Protocol. It enables governance of the Lyra DAO and aligns interests between various stakeholders.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LYRA

Circulating Supply:

Community Allocation (50%)

500,000,000 LYRA were allocated to the community as follows:

  • Traders: Trading rewards incentivize the usage of Lyra and help minimize fees paid by traders and risks incurred by LPs.
  • Liquidity Providers: Lyra requires liquidity to facilitate options trading, ensuring the availability of collateral for options payouts.
  • Community Incentives: Incentives are allocated via on-chain governance using the LEAP framework.

Treasury Allocation (20%)

200,000,000 LYRA were allocated to the Treasury for ensuring ongoing development and growth of the Lyra Protocol and ecosystem.

Team Allocation (20%)

200,000,000 LYRA were allocated to the core team, ensuring long-term incentive alignment while allowing the community to own the majority of the project.

Pre-launch investors (10%)

100,000,000 LYRA were sold to private investors to provide the capital needed to launch the DAO.


LYRA is deployed on the following networks:
Mainnet address: 0x01ba67aac7f75f647d94220cc98fb30fcc5105bf
Optimism address: 0x50c5725949A6F0c72E6C4a641F24049A917DB0Cb
Arbitrum address: 0x079504b86d38119F859c4194765029F692b7B7aa