Deposit to Lyra Chain

The easiest way to deposit to Lyra Chain is by setting up an account via the Interface (see the guides under "Onboard via Interface) as this fully handles bridging / deposits / account setups / withdrawals. Only use this guide if you'd like to setup your account fully on-chain.


When onboarding fully on-chain in testnet you will need to reach out via our Discord v2-support channel . Note, onboarding via Interface will not require this step as you can mint USDC directly to testnet accounts via the interface.


Lyra Chain does not have a generic bridging interface yet. To deposit ETH and USDC to Lyra Chain, you'll need to use etherscan.


Do not deposit to Lyra Chain unless you know what you are doing. Lyra uses multiple different bridges for different assets. If you are not sure, ask via the Discord v2-support channel. Funds can be lost if done incorrectly.


The exchange frontend uses smart contract wallets, and isn't suitable for a programmatic account setup that uses a regular EOA and private key.

Depositing collateral assets (USDC, WETH, WBTC, etc.)

To deposit collateral assets to Lyra Chain, use the socket bridges. Socket bridges enable fast withdrawals from the Lyra chain within certain daily limits. Depending on the asset, deposits and withdrawals are available between Ethereum L1, Optimism and Arbitrum.

Lyra uses a custom bridge that uses Socket smart contracts and L1-L2 messaging infrastructure. This enables a fast bridge has the option for fast withdrawals that aren't subject to the 7 day challenge period.

For a full list of tokens, bridges and connectors, see the socket github. This has been tabulated below:

CurrencySource chainToken AddressBridge address
USDCEth Mainnet0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB480x6D303CEE7959f814042D31E0624fB88Ec6fbcC1d
WETHEth Mainnet0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc20xD4efe33C66B8CdE33B8896a2126E41e5dB571b7e
WBTCEth Mainnet0x3Eec7c855aF33280F1eD38b93059F5aa5862E3ab0x3Eec7c855aF33280F1eD38b93059F5aa5862E3ab

Each of the bridges have their own limits for deposits and withdrawals. For example, the USDC mainnet fast connector is subject to the following global daily limits:

  • $10m USDC in deposits
  • $1m USDC in withdrawals

Here is the contract interface you can use to deposit USDC via the Socket bridge:

Here is a sample USDC deposit via the Socket bridge:

Depositing ETH

ETH on the lyra chain is needed for certain transactions that require direct smart contract interaction. If you are manually setting up your account, you will need some small amount of eth. Do not use this method for wETH to be used as collateral in the protocol.

You may be able to bridge using the interface provided by the superbridge team here:

Alternatively, to manually deposit ETH to Lyra Chain, use the standard bridge. The native bridge isOP Stack's native bridge for deposits and withdrawals.

Deposits and withdrawals are subject to the following delays:

  • Deposits confirmed in 5-10 minutes
  • Withdrawals confirmed in 7 days, after the challenge period

Here is the contract interface you can use to deposit via the native bridge:

Here is a sample ETH deposit via the native bridge: