Uniswap Liquidity Guide
1. Bridge SNX and DAI to OE using the gateway.
2. Mint sUSD on OE using Synthetix’s staking dApp.
3. Go to the Lyra Trading dApp ‘Pools’ page at: https://app.lyra.finance/pools/overview
4. Under ‘Programs’ click into the DAI-sUSD pool
5. Click ‘Add Liquidity’, you will be redirected to the Uniswap
6. Once on Uniswap ensure you are connected to the Optimistic Ethereum Network.
7. Ensure you have selected the sUSD/DAI token pair.
8. Set the deposit to the required ranges (Min price 0.8496 and Max price 1.1503)
9. Once deposited, check your Uniswap NFT for the required ticks (-100, 2620)
10. Once you have added liquidity, it should appear back on the Lyra Pools page after ~5 minutes.
11. You will receive a notification that your liquidity has been successfully added. You will now be able to monitor your position, and check your rewards from the Lyra Pools interface.
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