Link: https://app.lyra.finance/#/rewards
Step 1. Adding Liquidity to Arrakis on L1. This will give you your G-UNI token.

Step 2. Approving Lyra to stake your G-UNI tokens and staking your G-UNI tokens.

  • Enter the amount you would like to stake and click Allow Lyra to stake your LP Tokens.
  • After the approval is successful, click Stake.

Step 3 - Unstaking your G-UNI tokens.

  • Click the Unstake button to open up the unstake modal, type in the amount to unstake, click Unstake and sign the transaction.

Step 4 - Claiming rewards.

  • If you have rewards to claim, click the Claim button to open up the claim modal. Click Claim and sign the transaction.